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Title: Sleepy Bones
Fandom: Bones/Sleepy Hollow
Characters: Seeley Booth/Ichabod Crane, Temperance Brennan/Abbie Mills
Word Count: 100
Rating: R
A/N: There's going to be a crossover episode and this is where my brain went. :)
Warnings: n/a
A/N: This is for [ profile] angelstart
Summary: Fun at the end of a case.

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Had a plotbunny and this was the result.

Title: One last chance
Fandom: Angel/Bones
Characters: Lindsey McDonald, Seely Booth
Word Count: 2,117
Rating: R

AU after Angel's Dead End and during Season 1 of Bones

One last chance

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*is amused*

Sep. 7th, 2006 05:28 pm
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While I was sorting through my Bones caps from last night, I got up to the scene where Booth and Hodgins were going back and forth at the golf course. And then my inner 12 year old started giggling like a fiend, which is never a good thing.

Under the cut is a bit of a slashy thing done with words and screencaps featuring Seely Booth and Jack Hodgins. They use naughty language, so I'll rate it an 'R'. :P

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I wrote a Bones fic for [ profile] lostakasha. It's Hodgins and Booth set sometime during Season 1. She wanted surfing, tight wetsuits, and some angst with maybe a bit of slashiness tossed in. Well, this is what I ended up with.

Fic title: Surfin' USA
Fandom: Bones
Characters: Jack Hodgins, Seely Booth
Word Count: 1,032
Rating: R

Surfin' USA

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Yo ho ho

Apr. 7th, 2006 12:44 pm
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Before I forget, I wrote a Bones fic for [ profile] lostakasha. It's Hodgins and Booth set just after what happened in 1x18 (aka the pirate episode).

Fic title: Yo ho ho
Fandom: Bones
Characters: Jack Hodgins, Seely Booth
Word Count: 1,328
Rating: R

Yo ho ho

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I was talking with [ profile] sweptawaybayou about David's abs, and it turned into talk about Bones, and I said, wouldn't it be fun if Josh Holloway came on as a guest star. He could play an FBI agent who used to be Booth's partner until something happened. They used to have stakeouts together and maybe a little more than that.

Of course once I started thinking about that, then I thought, oh that would lead to David/Josh RPS, which is a bunny of a different color and may pop up in the future.

Anyways, this is a Bones fic. You don't even need to have seen the pilot to read it.

Feedback is always groovy. Thanks to [ profile] mistressslash for the beta.

Fic title: Just another stakeout
Fandom: Bones
Characters: Seely Booth/OC Agent Jacob Harwell
Word Count: 2,811
Rating: NC-17

Just another stakeout

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